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Vacation Properties

Vacation rental properties are a unique and important industry. From global hoteliers to your next door neighbor's time-share, rental properties help stimulate economies at home and abroad. If you have a vacation rental available, you're first interested in maximizing the reach of your ad so that it has a better chance of being discovered by a potential buyer. Coming in at a close second to casting a wide net is conversion — getting people who are interested to respond. While the internet has made these properties more accessible, sellers still need more effective ways to interact with people who are in the market for vacation properties. This is where LiveChime will help: LiveChime is the chat link the works anywhere.

If you're a selling a vacation property, LiveChime provides you with a free, personalized chat link that can be placed in any email marketing, web page, or classified listing. When a prospective buyer clicks the link, you are automatically notified, via email, mobile, and on, that someone is interested in chatting. You can respond, in real time, online or via smart phone. LiveChime offers more anonymity than a phone call and more immediacy than email. LiveChime enables live communication in a way that is not intimidating for the buyer to take the first step and make contact.

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