Use Intercept Marketing to Sell Insurance
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Insurance is an integral part of good financial planning. Insurance markets typically grow slowly - in the 2%-3% per year range. As an agent or broker trying to build a business, the fastest growth comes from customers moving from one agent to another. Since this typically occurs near the end of the month, most agents only have a few effective selling days each month. While you're trying to sell other customers, other agents are trying to get yours. And, since experts predict that by the year 2011 more than 90% of insurance will be purchased online, you need every advantage you can get.

To be most effective, you need to capture and execute on every possible lead that comes to you through your online marketing efforts. Whether it's through your web site, email, blog site, online classified ads, or paid online advertising, LiveChime chat will help you capture more leads and increase customer retention. For every 1 person who calls or sends you an email from your online marketing, LiveChime typically delivers 18 chat requests. These are people who would have otherwise come and gone from your website, never giving you a chance to explain the benefits of your company. LiveChime lets you respond, in real time, online or via smart phone. LiveChime enables live communication in a way that is not intimidating for the buyer to take the first step and make contact. Place your LiveChime link, and then watch people respond.

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