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Can I chat from my mobile phone?

Yes! LiveChime LaunchPaige and LaunchPaigePro are both optimized for supporting iOS, Blackberry, and Android operating system.

What kind of data can I track?

You can track the geographic location, ip address, and home phone number demographics of the chat requests.

How can I Monitor for incoming chats?

You can download our free Chat Monitor application on our Downloads page (requires Windows XP SP2 or above)

Why would someone chat when they could call?

People feel comfortable in a chat because it is anonymous and they can decide at any point to leave without fear of direct sales pressure or unwanted callbacks.

Why don't I just wait for an email?

Email does not necessarily lead to an instant response. Today, people look for instant gratification. If you don't offer the option to chat you may lose the momentum of a potential sale.

What if I don't want my name visible?

We provide users with 2 links – one with their actual user name and one with a random 6 digit alphanumeric code. The alphanumeric link can be used on pages where you want to be totally anonymous. The personalized link can be used when you want to use your name (i.e., on real estate listings).

Will I know why someone wants to chat?

When you place your LiveChime link, you can add a subject to the end of the chat link. These can be one word such as: /insurance, /car and /house or multiple descriptive keywords separated by dashes such as: /1964-lincoln-continental. When the chat request comes to you, these words come with it and you will know the subject of the request.

How can I keep track of my links?

LiveChime makes it easy for you to monitor the performance of your links and customize the settings. This lets you see which links are producing the most leads as well as the ability to create unique messages for each link based on what you might be selling

How can I see my chat history?

Upgrade to LiveChime Pro. LiveChime Pro is ad-free and offers additional features such as chat/lead history and link management.

Can I have more than one user name?

You can only have one user name associated with each account. Each additional username requires a new account. Each LiveChime account comes with 2 links – a user name link and an anonymous link.

What if I do not have a smart phone?

If you do not have a smart phone or Internet-ready mobile phone, you will need to respond on a computer. Future versions of LiveChime will support two-way text-to-chat from most mobile phones. Standard text messaging fees may apply.

What happens when someone clicks my chat link?

LiveChime will insert the chat frame above the current web page, leaving their current page below. When they close the chat, the original web page will return to a full screen. No need to click the back button, they will still be on the original web page


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